How to Calculator Body Fat For Men And Women

    Working out regularly and following a perfect diet plan is not enough when it comes to weight. You need to manage your calories intake every day. But keeping track of the amount of calorie that we consume on a daily basis can be very difficult. A weight loss calculator keeps track of calorie consumption and helps you to reach your goal.

    Body fat calculator

    1.How To Use The Weight Loss Calculator
    A weight loss calculator usually calculates the time taken to lose a specific amount of weight. It can be used by both men and women.
    You have to put down your details like age, gender, height, current weight, the amount of weight that you want to lose and the period of time in which you want to shed off that extra weight.
    With the help of this calculator, you can set goals for reducing weight. The weight loss calculator can convert centimetre to inches, kilos to pounds, and vice versa.

    2.Types Of Weight Loss Calculator
    It is easily available on the internet. These weight loss calculators are free and help you to achieve the target of weight loss. There are different kinds of weight loss calculators.
    ⦁ Body Mass Index Calculator – This is a very efficient and frequently used calculator. It shows if your height is proportionate to your weight. If the BMI is high then it will signal you to lose weight.
    ⦁ Calorie Counter – This calculator counts the number of calories in the food. You can make a good diet plan using this calculator.
    ⦁ Calorie Calculator – This calculator measures the amount of calorie consumption needed for the body. It does not make a count of calories in the food like the calorie counter.

    3.Advantages Of Using A Weight Loss Calculator
    Some of the great benefits of using a weight loss calculator include-
    ⦁ It gives you information about the number of calories that you can lose by doing exercises.
    ⦁ It also provides details about the amount of food to be consumed and the time period of workouts.
    ⦁ A weight loss calculator also suggests to you the type of food that needs to be consumed if you are planning to lose weight.
    ⦁ It also recommends the number of exercises needed to reach your target.

    4.Best Weight Loss Calculators
    If you are looking for the best weight loss calculator, then these following weight loss calculators will be good for your use.
    ⦁ Body Weight Planner by NH – This calculator is created by Kebol Hall, a National Institute of Health scientist. It calculates the BMR and puts a value on the activity level which also includes the leisure period. The body weight planner mainly decides your calorie intake for several purposes. This is a good weight loss calculator for woman.
    ⦁ TDEE Calculator – This calculator figures out the number of calories needed to lose, gain and keep pounds. A macro calculator inside this suggests what type of diet you should follow to reach your desired weight.
    ⦁ Scoobys – This calculator generally makes an estimation of the intake of nutrients rather than the calories. It has an additional feature of gaining or losing muscles other than the weight. This is one of the best weight loss calculators for man.

    5.How Weight Loss Calculators Work
    Weight loss calculators generally work on the Mathematical equation known as Mifflin St.Jeor equation. It calculates the amount of calorie required by the body to function. This calorie consumption is also known as the Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. A perfect calculator that follows this equation will not only calculate the BMR but will measure your TDEE or total daily energy expenditure.
    Though there are many types of weight loss calculators available in the market, you should choose the suitable calculator according to your need and get on the track of weight reduction.

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